Did you know that we already fill your products in a climate-neutral way?

As in previous years, issues such as nature conservation and environmental protection are becoming increasingly important and consumers are also placing growing value on sustainability.

Since 2018, all products produced at RHODIUS have been filled in a climate-neutral way. To achieve this, we have taken on extensive investments, measures and certifications. In addition, our two mineral water brands are CO2-neutral along the entire value chain: from our water source to the delivery to the retailer. We compensate unavoidable CO2 through certified projects of our partner ClimateLine. We now also offer this service for your products.

Together we can achieve more

From 2021, we will also offer you the opportunity to compensate the CO2 emissions of your product along the entire value chain and thus make it climate-neutral.

Communicate the CO2 neutrality of your product to your customers, e.g. use a "climate neutral" logo on your cans.



We will calculate and implement the compensation for you.


You save money, as the location, energy and filling costs are already covered by the CO2 compensation from RHODIUS Mineralquellen.


Communicate the CO2 neutrality of your product to your customers, e.g. use a "climate neutral" logo on your cans.

CO2 compensation
along the entire value chain:


Delivery of your materials

Recipe & raw materials for your product


Packaging & security for your product

Transport to your desired address

... and this is how it works:


You book the CO2 compensation for the entire value chain with RHODIUS.

We calculate the CO2 emissions of all factors around your order.

You receive an overview and cost breakdown for your CO2 offset.

We take over the implementation of the CO2 compensation for you via our certified partner projects.

How does the saving
through climate projects work?

CO2 is distributed evenly in the earth's atmosphere, so that the greenhouse concentration is roughly the same everywhere on earth. Therefore, it is irrelevant for the greenhouse effect where on earth emissions are caused or avoided.

Climate protection projects demonstrably save CO2 and make an important contribution to combating global warming. Our participation in projects makes it possible to save CO2 by co-financing sustainable technologies.

Hydroelectric Power In Chile

The Chacabuquito Hydroelectric Power Project.

Hydropower in India

This project supports a river small hydropower plant.

Kemphole Hydropower in India

Kemphole Mini Hydel Scheme is an 18 MW run-of-the-river hydropower project on Kemphole Stream.