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What beverage can I fill at RHODIUS?
  • Mineral water, spring water, table water, near water drinks
  • Energy drinks
  • Fruit juices
  • Beer and mixed beer drinks
  • Soft drinks (CSD)
  • Iced teas
  • Wine and wine-based beverages
  • Alcoholic mixed drinks (RTD)
What is the minimum order quantity?

The minimum order quantity is always 250,000 cans per filling. Fillings of 150,000 cans or more are possible with an additional charge.

How environmentally friendly is the can?

Beverage cans can be recycled an infinite number of times and without loss of quality. Beverage cans made of steel or aluminium can be recycled an infinite number of times with consistent quality. 75% of the aluminium ever produced worldwide is still in use today. A quota of 80% applies to steel. Recycling a can saves up to 95% of the energy needed to produce the primary material. At the same time, less and less material is needed for production. Over the past 40 years, the weight of beverage cans has been reduced by about 50%.

What special properties does the can have?

The can completely protects beverages from light and oxygen, so the drink remains fresh. The can is modern, light, handy and recyclable. It is unbreakable and practical.

How can I customise my can?

Different variations can be made on the can. The spectrum ranges from the coloured tab, the coloured lid to special lacquering, which creates a special haptic experience. The individualisation of the can is accompanied by higher minimum order quantities. We will be happy to inform you of these on request.

Can & Packaging

What can sizes are available?


For the classic can, you can choose between 330 ml and 500 ml.
The sleek can is available in the sizes 250 ml, 330 ml and 355 ml.
Slim cans can contain 150 ml, 200 ml and 250 ml.

What are the differences between a Classic-, Sleek-, and Slimcan?

Classic, sleek, and slim cans vary by diameter. The classic version with 66 mm is wider than the slim can at 53 mm.

  • The Classic can has a diameter of 66 mm. The height of the 330-ml variant is 115 mm, that of the 500-ml variant 168 mm.
  • The Sleek can has a diameter of 58 mm. The height of the 250 ml version is 114 mm, the 330 ml version has a height of 145 mm, the 355 ml has a height of 157 mm.
  • Slim Cans are mainly used for energy drinks. Their diameter is 53 mm with a height of 88 mm for 150 ml, of 111 mm for 200 ml and 134 mm for 250 ml.
From which packaging types/packaging versions can I choose?

The cans can be packed in trays of 12, 18 or 24 cans. Furthermore, the possibility of collective packaging from cardboard, so-called multipacks, in units of 4 or 6 cans can be used. Multipacks can also be easily packed in trays. Wrap-around packs are packs that are erected, filled and closed by means of automatic machines. Wrap-around packaging is ideal for transporting 24 cans.

Which pressure tank capacities does RHODIUS have?

We have 3 pressure tanks, 2x300hl and 1x600hl.

Shipping & Payment

What is the delivery time?

Filling is carried out on the basis of the individual order. The delivery time is usually between 3 to 4 weeks after the final print approval of the can design. For initial orders, an average of 10-12 weeks is required.

What storage options does RHODIUS have for bottled products?

We will gladly store your goods for you. On-site storage is free of charge until 2 weeks after filling. Thereafter, storage costs per pallet and week or part thereof will be charged for storage in the factory warehouse. Storage in the factory warehouse ends after 3 months at the latest. Subsequently, we shall be entitled to remove the goods from storage to an external warehouse at the customer's expense or to continue storage in our own factory warehouse against payment of the costs customary at the location which would have been incurred if external storage capacities had been used.

What are the delivery terms of RHODIUS?

Our terms and conditions of delivery and payment are exclusively authoritative for deliveries. All deliveries are made on the basis of the price list valid at the time of delivery. The general terms and conditions of RHODIUS Mineralquellen und Getränke GmbH & Co KG apply.

What payment terms does RHODIUS accept?

Our terms and conditions of delivery and payment are exclusively authoritative for deliveries. All deliveries are made on the basis of the price list valid at the time of delivery. The general terms and conditions of RHODIUS Mineralquellen und Getränke GmbH & Co KG apply.

How will the goods get from RHODIUS to me?

In consultation with you, we will organise the collection or, if desired, the delivery of the goods together with a forwarding agent.


What certifications does RHODIUS have?

We always orientate ourselves to the latest certification standards. For example, all production facilities are certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2008. We are IFS 6 certified at a higher level (International Food Standard), HACCP, FDA and AIB. BIO and HALAL certifications can be individually certified depending on the recipe.


What is the shelf life of the filled product?

The best before date varies depending on the contents and recipe. In principle, the best before date for non-alcoholic beverages is 12 months. Unless the result of the Quicktest (link to Quicktest question) only allows a shorter period.

What testing procedures are available? What is a Quicktest?

The Quicktest is a rapid test for indicating the freshness and shelf life of a product. This laboratory test loads a product in such a way that the entire shelf life of the specified shelf life is simulated in a shorter time. The quality of the beverage is thus checked and the quality result confirmed. Depending on the product, the Quicktest is loaded for 21 or 42 days at 42ºC. Furthermore, various pressure tests are carried out.

What other tests does RHODIUS perform?
  • pH value
  • Carbon dioxide content
  • Brix value (sugar content)
  • Microbiology
  • Density
What materials and information do I have to provide as a customer?

If you wish, we can provide you with everything from one source, from the recipe to the filled and packaged product. We will be happy to use our own recipes and delivered materials in consultation with you. Pressure tanks are available for the delivery of finished drinks.

What do I have to contribute as the client?

The client must ensure that his services do not violate laws, regulations, other legal norms and official directives or the rights of third parties. RHODIUS also excludes liability for the marketability of the recipe and the product under food law as well as the legally correct declaration. The compatibility between can material, can inner lacquer and the filling product, which was previously tested between the can supplier and the raw material supplier and documented in writing with the customer, is the responsibility of the customer. The same applies to the determination of the BBD of the product. RHODIUS is released from all claims, damages and costs arising from this.

Upon delivery of the goods, the customer is obliged to check each pallet for visible defects and, if necessary, to notify us immediately. We assume no responsibility for defects that arise after receipt of the goods and are caused, for example, by transport.

Is RHODIUS’ production produce environmentally friendly?

Yes. We produce 100% CO₂-neutrally. Climate protection has three stages for us: Avoiding CO₂, reducing CO₂, and ultimately compensating for the CO₂ we cannot avoid. Using energy, e.g. in the form of electricity, is unavoidable for us as a production company. Full conversion to green electricity from hydropower therefore was a major and important step for us. We are also constantly investing in energy-efficient and sustainable production technologies. 2 million euros have been earmarked for this for the next two years. The relative CO₂ emissions have already been reduced by 8.1% in the last few years. We compensate for the remaining CO₂ that is currently unavoidable through ClimatePartner’s climate protection project “Clean drinking water for Uganda”. It is certified to the highest gold standard.


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