In this guide, we share regular news and useful information on all the issues that concern our customers in their daily lives. From new product concepts, market developments & trends to the advantages of the can packaging.

The advantages of beverage cans

Optimum product protection, mini advertising pillar and 99% recycling rate

In 2019, the can has broken a new record in Germany: With almost 4 billion cans sold, a new record is set after the introduction of the deposit system 17 years ago and the associated total collapse. We think rightly, because the can has a lot to offer...

RHODIUS Mineralquellen is CO2- neutral

Three-step plan: avoid CO₂, reduce CO₂ and compensate CO

As an eighth-generation family business, we continue to push our commitment to climate protection and have made the entire value chain of our mineral water brand RHODIUS CO₂-neutral in the course of the three-step plan "Avoid CO₂, reduce CO₂ and compensate for unavoidable CO₂", as well as compensating 100% for all emissions generated at the entire Burgbrohl site.

RHODIUS - a short portrait

Quality and competence since 1827

Since its foundation in 1827 and now managed by the eighth generation of the family, we, RHODIUS Mineralquellen, have become a permanent fixture on the international beverage market and bottle mineral water and high-quality non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages with a great deal of expertise and passion.

What is actually co-packing?

We explain the terms

The term co-packing refers to a production and logistics service. Here, a company outsources the production, packaging, picking and packing of products to another manufacturer.

RHODIUS installs new returnable glass plant

Investment for the future - € 15 million for new reusable glass plant at the Burgbrohl site

In addition to representatives of regional politics, the RHODIUS management welcomed customers, suppliers and the press in Burgbrohl on January 30. District Administrator Dr. Jürgen Pföhler praised the company for its courage "to have the right feeling for the right innovation at the right time" and emphasised the important role of RHODIUS as a family business, which as a medium-sized company is aware of its responsibility towards its employees and the region by making an important contribution to securing the future of the region through continuous development.


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