In this guide, we share regular news and useful information on all the issues that concern our customers in their daily lives. From new product concepts, market developments & trends to the advantages of the can packaging.

The advantages of beverage cans

Optimum product protection, mini advertising pillar and 99% recycling rate

In 2019, the can has broken a new record in Germany: With almost 4 billion cans sold, a new record is set after the introduction of the deposit system 17 years ago and the associated total collapse. We think rightly, because the can has a lot to offer...

RHODIUS is CO2- neutral

Three-step plan: avoid, reduce and compensate CO

As an eighth-generation family business, we continue to push our commitment to climate protection and have made the entire value chain of our mineral water brand RHODIUS CO₂-neutral in the course of the three-step plan.

RHODIUS - a short portrait

Quality and competence since 1827

Since its foundation in 1827 and now managed by the eighth generation of the family, we, RHODIUS Mineralquellen, have become a permanent fixture on the international beverage market and bottle mineral water and high-quality non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages with a great deal of expertise and passion.

What is actually co-packing?

We explain the terms

The term co-packing refers to a production and logistics service. Here, a company outsources the production, packaging, picking and packing of products to another manufacturer.