Beverages from A to Z

RHODIUS is your contact partner when it comes to having beverages of any kind filled in the can. Choose your favourites from a variety of cans and lids and realise your beverage vision together with us. Whether you would like to have mineral water, soft drinks, beer, wine, energy drinks or RTD drinks bottled - at RHODIUS mineral springs you are in the right place.

For a healthy body

Mineral water

There are good reasons to offer your customers mineral water and mineral water plus concepts in the practical can.


Low-alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages are on the rise: They have a market share in excess of 50% in Germany. These drinks strengthen the growing health awareness of millennials and generation Z. RHODIUS can support you in a market segment with growing demand. The can is just practical and accepted as an alternative for recyclable bottles. Highest product protection to preserve mineral water freshness. The range of mineral water is suitable for anyone who values natural freshness. Choose between classic, medium, and still mineral water as well as spring water. Added natural extracts or aromas produces a near-water drink with 0 calories and a hint of fruit flavour.

Iced cooled and sparkling


On hot summer days in particular, we feel a great desire for sparkling refreshment. Soft drinks, i.e. coke and soda drinks, have always been popular.


They are ideal thirst quenchers while out with friends at the beach, in the park, or chilling in the garden. Coke remains the number 1 on the soft drink market, either in its original version, as diet coke or coke zero. It has a perfect refreshment from the can. The can protects not only the contents but also the carbon dioxide content. Consumers who like a fruity flavour prefer iced soda. Some unusual varieties and natural organic sodas have become fashionable in addition to the orange and lemon classics. Anyone will find something to their taste there, be it with plenty sugar or with just a little. RHODIUS will happily advise you on the development of your drink.

Passionately through the day

Energy Drinks

Originating in Asia, energy drinks stimulate the drinker with their combination of caffeine, taurine, and B vitamins.


The classic version is supplemented by a variety of flavours and special editions based on fruit, herbs, tea, or superfruits. Anyone will find something to their taste, no matter if they prefer their drink with or without sugar, halal, organic or vegan. RHODIUS offers competence from recipe to delivery. The products can be filled in anything from 250 ml slim can to the 500 ml classic can. Efficient and controlled filling, for greater power in everyday life. Choose between matte and glossy lacquer, with or without lid codes. The can design serves as an advertising column for the brand on the shelf. It successfully stands out from competition on the energy drink market.



Germany is among the countries with the greatest beer consumption world-wide. Germans are not only good at drinking beer, but also masters of its production.


German beer is famous around the world. It enjoys great popularity across all target groups. Canned beer and canned mixed drinks based on beer are immensely popular at festivals, as an after-work drink, at barbecues, or when travelling. The German beer can is sold worldwide. It is the perfect export container, stacks easily and can be transported efficiently. New non-alcoholic variations and craft beers from manufactures develop new markets. The pressure tank capacities at RHODIUS make it ever easier to fill your Kölsch, Pilsner, wheat beer, dark beer, or malt beer in cans with or without a resealable lid.

Stylish Drinks from the can

Wine / Sparkling wine

Wine, mixed drinks based on wine, and sparkling wine have always been some the most popular alcoholic beverages. The can accesses entirely new target groups for this traditional beverage type.


Especially the young generation enjoys their mixed wine drinks with friends in the park or on the beach. The can has the advantage that thanks to the practical single-serve portion size, everyone can enjoy the variant they like best. Whether white, red, rosé, sparkling wine, prosecco, non-alcoholic, dry or sweet. For more than 10 years RHODIUS has also been able to prove its can filling competence for the filling of wine and wine mixed drinks. With our second canning line, one of the most modern in the world, RHODIUS has an integrated filling management system. This is characterised by the gentle handling of the raw material, constant monitoring of all components, hermetically sealed filling and precise can packaging.

Optimal for travelling

Ready to drink

Enjoy your favourite mixed drinks immediately with the RTDs in the can. Double-digit growth rates are quite common.


The simple mixed drinks gin tonic, rum/whiskey cola, mojito, cider, or sex on the beach, add some fun to the ready-to-drink market. Practical, well protected, easy-to-go: cans is easy to store and become perfect party companions for your consumers.

Iced and sparkling


The name is the game in these tart soft drinks. They have become a permanent fixture in the bar but are also ideal for casual drinking.

Ginger ale, tonic water, and bitter lemon are delicious and alcohol-free pleasures. Mixed with gin, vodka, or whiskey, they create many long drinks and cocktails.