Sustainable filling
for your brand

Environmental protection and resource-protecting production are essential quality characteristics and strategic pillars of our family business.

Ecological packaging, fairly and environmentally friendly traded ingredients as well as continuous optimisation of production and delivery processes bring about ecologically efficient use of resources at RHODIUS. Learn more about our values and discover our efforts for a better future.


Avoiding CO2

We are already avoiding the emission of CO₂ where we can. For example, we have switched to 100% green electricity.

Reducing CO2

Where CO₂ cannot be entirely avoided yet, we are constantly reducing it by researching sustainable production technologies.

Compensating CO2

We compensate for the unavoidable remainder to CO₂ with a certified climate protection project

Ömer Aygar
Key Account Manager

Sustainable production and recyclable packaging

RHODIUS fills more than 310 million cans every year. From order to filled goods, every single step in the process chain is aligned with economical use of resources. RHODIUS invests in cutting-edge can filling facilities and optimisation of process sequences for efficient and energy-reducing measures.

For example, a gas burner is used to generate heat. This is much more efficient than other heating methods. Sustainable resource management is enabled primarily by the company’s own mineral water wells and energy-efficient use of resource-preserving materials, as well as optimisations in the process chain.

The advantages of
Aluminium cans

Beverage cans have changed a lot in the last few years. Can makers and fillers strive to produce, fill, and transport the beverage can as a sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging. The following milestones have already been reached:



Cutting Edge: Can

thin walls

By reducing beverage can wall thickness, can weight was reduced by 11% and material is saved effectively in production. Ecological efficiency gains are achieved with wall thicknesses of only 0.09 millimetres.

Low weight

The low tare weight of beverage cans reduces transport costs and CO₂ output alike. Generally, the lighter the goods to be transported, the less CO₂ is emitted

CO2-neutral cann filling: Icon plants

Optimal recycling rate

Beverage cans can be 100 percent recycled. This means: no waste, no lost resources. The magnetic properties of the materials also enable inexpensive, fast and sorted recycling. The aluminium can be used again and again and is therefore available as a resource for future generations.

Angela Weidenbach
Account Manager


RHODIUS not only offers the opportunity of buying ecologically sustainable beverage cans, but also allows customers to develop their own recipes together with our partners.

This way, we bring an individual taste experience to your customers! Develop target group-specific beverages with our specialists and have them applied with your own corporate design. Product quality and resource-efficient filling as well as the strong quality awareness at RHODIUS play essential roles in product differentiation.

Columbus Drinks has been working very successfully with RHODIUS Mineralquellen in the co-packing sector for several years. Among other brands, RHODIUS produces for us Ahoj-Brause in a can and Indi Tonic. The cooperation with RHODIUS is characterised in particular by a high product and filling quality as well as a trusting relationship with the people involved.

Jörg Harders, Managing Director Partner Columbus Drinks GmbH

"A special quality feature of our wheat beers is the Bavarian noble maturation. RHODIUS fulfils the high standards that we require for filling our products in cans in an exemplary manner".
Michael Resch, Marketing Schneider Weisse G. Schneider & Sohn GmbH

"With Rhodius we are connected by a long-standing partnership, which is characterised by professionalism and innovation. In this way, many great concepts have been created that fully meet our requirements for sustainable action."

Sebastian Stolz, Head of Sales National Accounts DACH

"RHODIUS is a modern family business with clear structures and short communication channels. The cooperation with the experienced and dynamic team is very goal-oriented and is always fun. We are looking forward to many more years of a successful and cooperative partnership."

Roman Panin, Packaging Consultant Brohl Wellpappe

We look back on a longstanding cooperation with RHODIUS. We appreciate RHODIUS as a reliable and professional business partner. The interaction between our two companies and our colleagues is appreciative, based on trust and goal-oriented.

Uwe Schmolling, Sales Director Germany Ball Trading Germany GmbH & Co KG

From my point of view Rhodius and GPB cooperation can be resumed by: Great successes can only be achieved with great allies.

Diego Cuniller, Product development GLOBAL PREMIUM BRANDS

RHODIUS is an excellently structured production partner for us who delivers top quality, is open and agile for innovations.

Sebastian Hofmann, Founder & CEO DRINK DEPARTMENT ONE GmbH

Because we attach great importance to premium quality and a good partnership, RRHODIUS is our partner.

Frank Bühler, Key-Account -/Projectmanager Moloko Beverage GmbH

An excellent choice, both humanly and professionally. Here, family entrepreneurship is lived in an exemplary manner.

Michael Noven, Founder / COO acáo GmbH

The cooperation with RHODIUS as a partner has proven to be extremely flexible and productive. RHODIUS is also available to advise us on the selection of the right can size and marketable outer packaging.

Malte Tack, CEO Vulkan Brauerei GmbH & Co. KG

RHODIUS is a very reliable and competent business partner with one of the most modern can filling plants in Europe. Due to the possibility to fill almost all can sizes and packaging units, RHODIUS Mineralquellen is an ideal partner in the area of contract filling.

Daniel Etchemendy, Sales Manager Beverage Cans Western Germany Ardagh Group

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Our standard filling quantity is at least 250,000 cans. We can offer smaller quantities from 150,000 cans upwards for new customers. Submit your request.


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