Packaging variety

Together with our team of experts you will give the cans an unmistakable appearance. Would you like to package your own beverage uniquely or convince your potential customers with an individual beverage can concept? We offer you the individual packaging of your beverages and high-quality contract filling of the best quality.


Primary can packaging

The beverage can protects your drink from light and oxygen, preserving freshness and purity from filling to consumption. Choose from various can sizes with 150, 200, 250, 330, 355, or 500 millilitres and tailor your product to your customers.

The classic can with 330 ml, or the 500 ml alternative are some of the oldest can variations. They mainly differ from newer types with their wider diameters. Modern, slim, and stylish, the sleek can with a filling volume of 330 ml and a diameter of 58 mm is fully in line with the trend.

The 250 ml slim can is the default choice for energy drinks. It is slim, at a height of 134 mm and a diameter of 53 mm. A smaller option with a volume of 150 ml is particularly familiar to frequent flowers.



Secondary can packaging

Cardboard box, foil tray, or multipack: RHODIUS offers comprehensive options. Are you looking to export products? Use our wrap-around packaging!

Wrap-around packaging made of cardboard is filled and sealed inline on the packaging line. It is ideal for transporting 24 cans and preferred for export.



No matter whether you are looking for marketing campaign or differentiation from other brands: Coloured lids, coloured tabs, and interesting options for lottery coding give <you a wire range to choose from.

Special coatings are available as well as thermal processes to create a special haptic experience for the consumer, or to reflect the degree of cooling of the drink.