The advantages of beverage cans

Optimum product protection, mini advertising pillar and 99% recycling rate

In 2019, the can has broken a new record in Germany: With almost 4 billion cans sold, a new record is set after the introduction of the deposit system 17 years ago and the associated total collapse. We think rightly, because the can has a lot to offer...

It protects the product from light and oxygen, thus ensuring optimum quality and a long shelf life. The can is light and easy to stack, making it ideal for longer transport distances. As with all other packaging, the weight ratio of contents and packaging must be taken into account. In this respect, beverage cans also have an edge over other packaging options. Because only three percent of the end product is packaging, 97 percent is the beverage itself. Visually, a beverage can convinces with the effect of a "mini advertising pillar" and offers brands a large communication surface & Display strength. Together with brilliant printing technology, it attracts attention and promotes the desire to buy among consumers.

But it can also score points, especially when it comes to the subject of ecology, which the can is still often interpreted in a negative light: The can has a recycling rate of over 99% (99.6% for the steel can and 98.9% for the aluminium can). Moreover, aluminium is a "permanent material" which encloses the energy used for production like a "safe". "Permanent material" can be recycled infinitely without losing its basic properties. No other packaging can compete with it.